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Services & Supports

Sacramento Autism Services offers 1-on-1 ABA Therapy Services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. 

We serve people with Autism and other diagnosed Developmental Disabilities. All diagnoses can benefit from ABA Therapy.

At SAS we offer:

Services for all ages

We provide services to ages ranging from Pre-K & K through adulthood. Therapy services may include, but are not limited to, skills such as potty-training, focus, skill building, to college and career guidance and assistance.

Social Skills training

Comprehensive full day ABA programs, focused ABA part time mornings or after school programs, with adult training and transition to adulthood programs coming soon.

Parent Training Portal

We know parents and families with special needs family members are very busy. Life is already busy in these times. Now add the additional needs of a family member with special needs and you have your hands full. Here at SAS we understand that and have implemented the Parent Training Portal to accommodate your needs. It is a hybrid parent training experience tailored to meet your lifestyle and needs.

Electronic Data with Total Therapy

SAS implements Total Therapy for integration of skills. Total Therapy systems integrates goals of all types including support of OT, Speech Therapy, and IEP type goals with data driven information and tracking which allows for individualized programming and integration of therapy goals.

Accepting Intakes

Follow the button below to fill out a Client Intake form. 

Note: All intakes must send a copy the diagnosis to our intakes email upon submission.

View Our Offices

With two established offices and another opening in Summer of 2022, we have options for you and your family.

Parent Training Portal

ABA is a lifestyle. Our parents and caregivers understanding of that is vital. Parents access curriculum-based parent training and then can join chats and in-person conversations on relevant topics and get all their questions answered.

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