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Parent Training Portal

SAS implements Total Therapy for integration of skills

Total Therapy allows for individualized programming and family goals. We can also integrate Social Skills, OT-type goals, and goals that support Speech Therapy.

A Parent Training Portal to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

We know parents and families with special needs family members are very busy. Life is already busy in these times. Now add the additional needs of a family member with special needs and you have your hands full. Here at SAS we understand that and have implemented the Parent Training Portal to accommodate your needs.

ABA is a Lifestyle

When families embrace ABA as a lifestyle, the success of the family member goes up tremendously. Knowing this and how hard it can be to access parent training due to busy lifestyles, we have a Parent Training Portal integrated in as part of a hybrid parent training program. Parents access curriculum-based parent training and then can join chats and in-person conversations on relevant topics and get all their questions answered. With Total Therapy and our integrated Parent Training portal, you will be well on your way to an ABA lifestyle that not only benefits the individual with special needs but also the entire family unit.

Parent Training Portal User Login

If you have an account, you can login using the link below.

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